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  • Fluid Transport

    Hanon Systems’s fluid transport portfolio consists of refrigerant lines, coolant lines, transmission oil cooler lines, accumulators, receiver driers and internal heat exchangers (IHX) FT. Applications include underhood and underbody lines for cars, trucks, hybrid and electric vehicles. Also available is a portfolio of customer fittings, including an innovative, patented metal seal fitting (MSF) FT that stops refrigerant from leaking into the environment.
    Industry leading design and global manufacturing capability has resulted in Hanon Systems becoming the largest automotive fluid transport supplier. Hanon Systems is relentlessly pursuing improved passenger comfort and fuel economy while reducing carbon emissions. Combined with a global manufacturing footprint, Hanon Systems provides customers with a superior performing product at a low cost

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  • Condenser

    Located at the very front of an auto engine compartment, the condenser cools and converts the heated and high-pressure refrigerant received from the compressor into a liquid form. The condenser can be installed separately or integrated into a cooling module with the radiator.

  • Radiator

    The radiator is necessary to regulate engine temperature through a heat exchange process involving coolant and air flow. The coolant helps to cool the automobile engine by absorbing the heat generated by its operation. The heated coolant is cooled by being passed through the radiator before being returned to the engine block to help maintain its proper operational temperature.


  • Cooling Fan & Shroud

    The world-leading technology of the ‘Wave Fan’ developed by Hanon Systems involves an automotive refrigerant fan, mounted onto the engine, which helps to boost heat exchange. The fan’s center line is designed with a wave-like form to maximize air flow and to reduce operational noise. This uniquely designed fan plays a significant role in enhancing fuel efficiency, along with attracting favorable reviews for being an innovative and eco-friendly technology in response to 'green growth' measures.


  • Cold Storage Evaporator

    Cold storage evaporator technology was developed to maintain a consistently comfortable interior when in ISG (idle stop and go) mode and also improve fuel efficiency of a vehicle when slowing or stopping. When a vehicle stops the compressor of the air conditioner also stops as it is driven by a belt attached directly to the engine. This makes it impossible for the air conditioner to maintain the target interior temperature. The role of the 


  • VS Compressor

    Hanon Systems's variable swashplate compressor can vary its duty cycle and change the amount of displaced refrigerant. This appropriate sizing of compressor displacement improves power consumption and fuel economy. To meet consumer demand for cabin cooling, available electronic controls provide consistent discharge air temperature, independent of drive conditions. Passengers feel more comfortable without a chance for dry air


  • Air CAC

    Hanon Systems offers a portfolio of air charge air coolers that transfer heat from boosted air into ambient air. Variants support diesel or gasoline engine package constraints, including full-face, brick and wheel arch styles. By leveraging global standard designs, with core depths ranging from 30 to 105 mm, Hanon Systems has reduced costs while providing package flexibility. Heat exchanger expertise and analytical tools allow tube and fin geometry optimization to meet performance, efficiency and pressure drop requirements.

  • Electronic Wastegate Actuator (eWGA)

    A wastegate bypasses a portion of exhaust flow around the turbine of a turbocharger to control boost pressure. Hanon Systems’s electronic wastegate actuator (eWGA) precisely regulates the maximum turbo boost pressure to enhance engine performance, durability and drivability. The quick regulation shortens the time required to bring the catalyst up to operating temperatures by providing a wide-open wastegate and maximizing direct exhaust flow during cold start.

  • High Voltage Cooling Fan Motor

    The high voltage cooling fan motor incorporates a brushless DC motor offering high efficiency and reliability in fuel cell electric vehicle applications. Its high speed, high power design received a New Excellent Technology (NET) from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2012, and is the world's first device that allows quietness and high efficiency by combining a motor and an inverter, resulting in low power consumption and light weight.

  • Centrifugal Air Compressor

    The centrifugal air compressor is a turbo blower for fuel cell electric vehicles that generates electricity by supplying oxygen to the stack of a fuel cell. It mainly compresses air to a set pressure and flow rate, and includes a brushless DC motor designed to rotate the compressor smoothly and at high speed. By using an impeller type propeller and brushless DC motor, high aerodynamic performance and efficiency is achieved.

  • Electronic Throttle Body (ETB)

    The electronic throttle body (ETB) controls the volume of air flowing into the engine and is a main part of the engine emission management system. As part of a drive-by-wire strategy, the ETB delivers precise air flow by receiving flap position information from the engine control unit via the SENT protocol. Precise and quick response of the throttle angle keeps the engine torque at a constant level under a full spectrum of engine mapping and load conditions. This accuracy and speed translates to improved fuel economy and emissions.
    Hanon Systems utilizes automated manufacturing, incorporating the latest technology in welding, assembly, monitoring and testing in one piece flow production.

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  • E-compressor

    For traditional internal combustion vehicles, the air conditioning compressor is driven by a belt connected to the engine; therefore, it can only operate when the engine is running. Electric and hybrid vehicles operate under different conditions that preclude conventional compressor designs. For both “green” vehicle applications, Hanon Systems has developed an innovative solution – the electric 


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